The 12 FAQS most asked here at The Yellow Leaf:


*Do we deliver?

Yes, we do!  We have a delivery window, 10 am to 1 pm, Monday through Friday.  Need it at a specific time, a weekend delivery, or a delivery outside of Seattle (city)?   We can do that!   Give us a call: 206-441-4240.   See our delivery page for details.

A 48-hour notice on all deliveries is required.


*Can I order cupcakes for delivery on the same day?

Yes, you can but there is a “same day” delivery fee for all areas. Fees vary, depending on location. Same day fee will be added to the delivery total (if applicable). Call the shop for details: 206-441-4240.


*Can we ship our cupcakes outside of the Seattle area?

Unfortunately, we cannot. The butter cream is a bit too delicate for the cross border trip. This will give you an excuse to visit our beautiful city and to enjoy the best cupcakes in the Pacific Northwest!


*Should we refrigerate our cupcakes?

No, we do not recommend refrigeration. The refrigerator will, unfortunately, dry out the cake. No preservatives and all fresh ingredients we recommend you should eat them the day they are purchased. If you must wait until the next day, keep them in their box (closed) and away from any heat source.


*Does the Yellow Leaf ever run out of cupcakes?

As a matter of fact, we do. We bake fresh daily, in very limited quantities. As a small independent scratch bakery, we do not believe in over production. Quality control and product integrity are key to the success of our business.

“We do not over produce so that we do not over use…actions that conserve.”


*How do I know what flavors The Yellow Leaf is making each day?

We rotate our 150+ flavors throughout the year. With the exception of our Pancakes ‘n Bacon, Belgian Chocolate, Simply Vanilla, and Classic Red Velvet (each made daily) the other flavors can be found “daily” on our Facebook/ Twitter feed. Become a fan…


*Can I place a custom order? How about a large order or event?

If you are interested in a unique look or customization, you must call the shop for details:

206-441-4240. We also ask that all cupcake/ macaron orders larger than 3 dozen be pre-ordered. As a small bakery, our product is made in limited quantities. Please help us maintain the high standards that we put forth for every customer.


*Does The Yellow Leaf offer junior cupcakes?

Yes we do. But, we do not create them every day. Our junior cupcakes are custom order only. They must be ordered in groups of a dozen/ per flavor. Please call the shop, or see our order page for details.


*Can I order a custom cake?

We create small 6”/ two-layer cakes here at The Yellow Leaf. We may have two to three options available daily. Please call for details and availability: 206-441-4240. We can create a custom cake, choose from our list of cupcake flavors. All cakes are created in the style of The Yellow Leaf and decorated with a ribbon edge. Custom cake options must be placed at least 72 hours in advance.


*Do you offer gluten-free cupcakes?

Yes, we do! On Fridays, we offer a gluten-free option. Again, a limited amount of our gluten-free products are made. Please call ahead and we can hold the desired amount you need: 206-441-4240.


*Do you bake in a nut-free environment?

Unfortunately, we do not. We frequently bake with both peanuts and tree nuts. However, we try our best to prevent cross-contamination.


*What is the most popular cupcake at The Yellow Leaf?

Hands down, 6 years running…Pancakes ‘n Bacon. After appearing on The Cooking Channel’s Unique Sweets, our most popular bacon cupcake is unstoppable. We create this cupcake wonder every day…but get here early; we may be sold out by the time you come.

Seattle’s Best Specialty Cupcake” …Seattle Magazine